What are the best question and answer websites?

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what are the popular working question-and-answer websites?

ask a question for free   
ask a question get an answer instantly   
ask a question get an answer right away for free   
ask a question online
ask a tech question   
ask advice online   
ask an expert online free   
ask and answer   
ask anonymous questions   
ask anonymously   
ask any question and get an answer   
ask any question instant answer free   
ask any question website   
ask any question   
ask computer questions and get answers   
ask English questions get answers   
ask experts questions   
ask for advice anonymously   
ask for advice online   
ask free questions   
ask history questions and get answers   
ask homework questions online free   
ask jeeves a question for free   
ask jeeves math question   
ask me anything website   
ask me questions anonymously   
ask me website   
ask q   
ask question anonymously   
ask question answer   
ask question website   
ask questions anonymously   
ask questions app   
ask questions for free   
ask questions with pictures   
ask tech questions   
ask the internet questions   
ask the people   
best ask the internet questions   
best q and a questions   
best q&a questions   
best q&a sites   
best question and answer sites   
best question and answer websites   
best question answer site     
can I ask a question   
can I ask a question   
can I have a question   
college answers website   
could I ask you a question   
does this answer your question   
find the answer by picture   
find answer    
find my answer   
find question   
find test answers online   
find the answer   
finding answers   
free questions and answers   
get answers now   
get answers   
get questions   
get the answer to any question   
get the answer   
getting answers   
give question and answer   
has questions and answers   
have all the answers   
help to answer questions   
here are the answers to your questions   
how to find any answer key   
how to find the answer   
how to get answers   
how to question someone   
i have a question   
i have questions and need answers   
i need answers now   
i need answers to my questions   
i need answers   
it question and answer   
list of answers   
lit answers website   
live questions and answers   
my questions? yahoo answers   
need to ask a question   
online answers   
online book answers   
online expert question and answer website   
online question answer   
opinion questions to ask someone   
popular q&a websites   
post a question   
post questions   
q and a sites   
q and a website   
q&a sites   
q&a website   
question & answer   
question and answer forums   
question and answer platform   
question and answer questions   
question and answer sites list   
question and answer sites   
question and answer website   
question and answer   
question and answers   
question answer online   
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question answered   
question answers   
question finder app   
question finder   
question forum   
question forums   
question online   
question search   
question the answer   
question the answers   
question to answer   
question web   
question website   
questions & answers   
questions about websites   
questions and answer   
questions answered   
questions answers   
questions need to be answered   
questions on websites   
questions that need answers   
questions that need to be answered   
questions to answer every day   
questions to ask people   
questions to be answered   
quiz test answers   
random answers to questions   
random questions with no answer   
real question answer   
scieme answer website   
scieme answers website   
scieme questions   
scime answers website   
scime answers   
scime questions   
scime test answers   
scime website   
search for questions   
sites like yahoo answers   
submit questions anonymously   
tech questions answered   
test answers website   
that answers my question   
the answer is the question   
the answer to the question   
the answer website   
to answer your question   
to ask a question   
top question answer sites   
we have a question   
web answer   
web answers   
web questions and answers   
websites like yahoo answers   
what do you want to do to me answers   
what is the most asked question in the world   
what is your question   
what is your question?   
where to get advice   
who question and answer   
who questions and answers   
wikianswers ask a question   
www questions   
yahoo answers ask a question   
yahoo answers ask   
yahoo answers my questions   
yahoo answers questions   
yahoo answers usa   
you can ask me any question   
your answer place   
your question

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Quora is pretty civil, although some questions in the politics section tend to be flamebait. Then again, if people were capable of acting like adults, "politics" wouldn't exist in the first place.
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If you are a polite UK resident and an adult which I suspect that you are then yes there is, but be warned, there is a permanently online editor and if you don`t fit that profile you won`t last 10 minutes;


You might get a few adverts that finance it though, and even lately spam e-mails.

I use it to check answers in the Daily Telegraph crosswords and puzzles section.

Children under the age of thirty and foreign nationals should not apply, regards, Boris.
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if you look for more specific/dedicated websites then your answers will probably be more helpful, like websites dedicated to programming or sports and such
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Grown-ups wouldn't really use websites to ask questions, they tend to have more balls and ask people questions.
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Yahoo! Answers has become racist, homophobic, extremist and it should be shut down by Verizon. There is a reason why Yahoo! has shut down comments on questions and news stories. TMZ and various newspapers have done the same.
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I can't confirm that YA is racist or homophobic.  Judging by the elections forum, I'd say YA is socialist to the extreme, or full of extremist socialists...

But the reason Yahoo Answers shutdown comments was to squash the voice of conservatives prior to the election.  The comments are still shut down as the election has not been decided.   Even after January 20, I wouldn't be surprised if comments are
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Quora runs a much cleaner shop, of course, you've actually got to have something useful to say over there.
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Reddit, look for the subreddit "TrueAskReddit" and "ChangeMyView" very interesting subreddits.