Gnc return policy?

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i purchased some pills from GNC and am considering taking them back...the Lady there told me that i could return them even if the bottle has been open as long as i have the receipt..

So my ? is,

Is it really that easy?...i just return the opened bottle of pills get my money back and use the money toward purchasing some different ones?

She said as long a there was still 1 serving left in the bottle???

Anyone work for GNC or have done this before? is there more to it???

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I don't know first hand but I did find this return policy for you

Return Policy

    GNC will gladly refund or exchange products within the following guidelines:

    Cash Refund:

    Valid sales receipt accompanied by product (used or unused) guarantee and the label states, "Money Back Guarantee."


    Products returned without a receipt may be exchanged for a product of equal or greater value with customer paying the difference.

    Credit Card Purchases:

    Credit will be issued to the Charge Account when accompanied by product bottle (used or unused).

    Check Purchases:

    A refund is issued after a 7-day waiting period.

Special Services

        * Gift Certificates

          Large Orders

        * Phone In Option

        * Free Nutrition Information

          Gold Card Discount Club

Accepted Payment Methods

        * Visa


        * American Express

        * ATM/Debit Cards


        * Personal Check

        * GNC Gift Certificates

          The Shops at Willow Bend Gift Certificates


Hope this was somewhat helpful ~~~
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Just don t try to return it on day 31.  Watch you calendar days if you are trying something new.  A month with 31 days can throw you off.  Be aware of the rules.  If trying new things, have a significant other or friend help with the actual purchase and return process if you have return to many things back to back or within 6 months to a year.   Best of luck.
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