What are some major signs that a guy likes you as more than a friend?

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Ok, there's a guy that I like and were good friends. Well one day we were talking and I ended up telling him that I like him, he just looked at me and smiled. And before I told him we would talk almost every day. Well now we talk every day and if I don't start talking to him then he'll come up to me and just start a convo. I mean I think he likes me but I have no idea if he does or not.

Then two days before Winter break started we talked pretty much the whole two days while we were in school. And we're always talking about movies that look interesting and that we want to go see. Oh, and all my friends think I'm weird/crazy b/c I like clowns (and I sometimes think I'm weird/crazy. lol.), when I ask him if he thinks I'm weird/crazy he says no and it's kinda weird to me b/c everyone I know thinks I'm weird or crazy. But I thought I would post a question. I even told my sis and a couple of friends about it and they think he likes me b/c I told them more info. Let me know what you think. Thanks

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First of all, it looks like the boy DOES like you, but just to be on the safe side, I'll give you some signs to look for to know if he likes you:

1. Keep an eye on how many times you catch her/him staring at you.

2. Take notice of whether he smiles at you a lot.

3. Look for whether he focuses on you in a crowd.

4. Observe if he has suddenly taken more interest in you.

5. Pay attention to any significant changes in his behavior toward you recently.

6. Start showing him a bit more interest and see how they respond.

One of the signs that a boy likes you is when he always teases you or makes fun/jokes.

Boys might not tell you directly, but they may tell someone. Or perhaps when you are not around but your friend is there he will ask for you.

Here are some of the signs: he acts distracted when he's around you and fumbles for things. From the corner of your eye you think he is looking at you but when you look up he turns away abruptly and you think you are imagining things. He tries to like all the things you do. Your instinct tells you that he feels for you but your rational part says you are sure to be wrong.

I think you can tell if a guy likes you if he always looks at you, he always wants to see you smile, he doesn't like it when other guys talk to you, he looks at you when you are doing something, he follows you places, he doesn't know how to act when he is with you.

He will make you feel special. He will be romantic. He will not move too fast. He will consider your feelings and take things slow.

He will show off, sometimes on small things.

If your crush likes you back him/her will subconsciously:

1. Play with their own hair

2. Blush when you are around

3. Straighten his/her clothes

4. Mimic you e.g. you lean forward and a few seconds later he/she leans forward

5. Cross their legs towards you

6. Show his/her palm

7. Change the volume of his/her voice to match yours

Examine his body language. If he likes you, you will see that his body position will lean forward toward you.

Keep close. Ever get the feeling that somebody is "in" your personal space - so much so that you want to step back? If he likes you, and you like him, neither of you will step back.

Notice his eye contact. If he likes you, he'll get it and hold it. Again, this can be uncomfortable if you don't like him or vice versa. You'll know if you feel like you have held eye contact just a fraction of a second longer than you would with anyone else, or if he looks away quickly.

Be aware of touching. He might put his hand on your arm when he laughs, or not move his leg if it happens to touch yours. This is a very good sign that he likes you.

Keep an eye out. His pupils will dilate (get bigger) if he likes you, but this is quite hard to pick up on, and you might look a bit weird looking that closely into his eyes.

Watch for him showing interest in things you like and do.

Joke freely. Does he laugh, even if you aren't funny?

Check for signs of nervousness: nervous laughter, sweaty palms, fidgeting, etc. Unless he's scared of public speaking and is about to make a presentation, it just might be that he's nervous about making an impression on someone he fancies (hopefully you).

Smile. A big smile in return probably means the feeling is mutual.

See if he always ends up in the same part of the room as you. Perhaps he keeps going out of his way to bump into you.

Pay attention to his friends. If they know he's interested in you, they might tease him subtly when you're around, hint to you that he likes you, or even try to find out if you like him. Also, study their reactions to your presence. Do they smile? Do they turn to him? If so, then there's a good chance he really does like you.

Those are all the signs I could think of, and I hope they helped you.
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There are a ton of signs but honestly, the only way you will truly know is if he TELLS you. Otherwise, you are always just gonna be guessing as to whether any little "sign" or act means anything.
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The only way you can truly know if a person likes

you is to ask them. By asking, you can be sure the

the answer is sincere as it came directly from him/her

(unless they lie...). If you don't think you can

manage that, here are some tell-tale signs:

(change he's to she's and whatnot - you'll see

what I mean):

- Allows you into his "personal space"

- Always backs you up - supportive

- Apologizes a lot

- Asks both his and your friends about you

- Behaviour generally changes (gets louder or goes quiet when you're around)

- Blinks more than usual in conversation with you

- Calls for random reasons (homework, etc.)

- Compliments you (tells you you smell nice, look nice, etc.)

- Doesn't talk/ask for things at all, but will with everyone else (shy)

- Eyebrows raise when they see you (even for a quick second)

- Eyes get "soft" when he looks at you (become "intimate")

- Eyes travel in a circle around your face when he talks to you

- Facial expression changes when he sees you/you're around

- Feet and/or upper body point in your direction

- Frequently touches his face

- Friends aren't really his top priority

- Friends know you, but you don't know them

- Friends pay attention to you after he's been staring

- Friends start talking to you / asking you questions (about him usually)

- Gazes into your eyes with deep interest

- Gives you a nickname

- Gives you his undivided attention

- Hangs around you a lot

- He blushes and/or sweats around you

- He licks his lips (wants to kiss you)

- He will find reasons to talk to you

- Holds his thumbs in his belt loops (cowboy stance)

- If you flirt with him, he flirts back

- If you are in a bad mood, he will try to make you feel better

- Initiates dates

- Is there for you when you're down

- Laughs at your jokes / unfunny things you say

- Listens to you and remembers what you say

- Looks at you when he's talking to other people

- Makes future plans with you (movies on Friday, etc.)

- May act weird around you / seem nervous

- May get the "feeling" he's watching, but can never catch him at it

- May poke you, play with your hair, etc.

- May seem jealous when you look at / talk about other guys

- Mirrors you

- Mouth opens a little when he sees/talks to you

- Nice to your friends (maybe extra nice)

- Plays footsie

- Preens (straightens tie, runs fingers through hair, etc.)

- Pupils dilate

- Reacts positively to flirting

- Remembers your name / talking to you etc.

- Remembers little quirks about you that others would easily forget

- Respects you

- Says dumb things just to keep you talking

- Says, "hi," to you a lot

- Seems sad when you ignore him

- Sits/stands in the "open" position (facing you and arms/legs uncrossed)

- Sits up straight and muscles appear firm

- Smiles back when you smile at him (esp. wide)

- Stares a lot (esp. right into your eyes) and holds the stare for longer than usual

- Stutters/mumbles when he speaks to you

- Talks to your friends

- Talks / asks for things (outgoing)

- Teases you a lot (calls you names, etc.)

- Touches you (rubs up against you and the like) "accidentally"

- Tries to hold your hand/touch you "accidentally"

- Voice changes when he talks to you (gets softer)

- Watches your lips (dead giveaway)

- Will act foolish (to get your attention)

- Will do small favors for you

- Will focus on you in a group

- Will hang on to your every word / seems to

- Will help you whenever he can

- Will sometimes choose you over his friends

- Will try and hug you whenever he can (when you're mad, sad, etc.)

- Will try to make you laugh (even if it involves him getting hurt)

- Will stare until you catch him (shy)

- Winks at you

- You bump into him a lot of places