Questions about belly button piercing?

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So I am interested in getting my belly button pierced and I have several questions:

1. Is it worth getting one?

2. Is it true that the younger you are the less painful it would be? Because I remember my mum telling me this when I was 10 (I wanted to get my earlobes pierced)

3. Does it hurt really badly? From a scale to 1 - 10. My earlobes didn't hurt at all but the second time I re-pierced it, it kinda hurt maybe a 3?

4. How exactly do they pierce it? Do they use a gun? Like they do with earlobes?

5. How old do you think it is appropriate for someone to get a belly button piercing?

6. What are some negatives about it?

7. Does it hurt when you clean it?

8. Is it okay if you leave the piercing in there and never change it?

9. Is the piercing annoying after a while?

Sorry for the number of questions, I really want to get mine done but I'm scared. I'm probably going to get mine done next year, or when I'm 18 :) Depending if my mum and dad lets me haha.

Thanks everyone!

Oh and also, belly button or nose piercing?

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1. IsIt's worth it, esp in the summertime.

2. Maybe.

3. It hurts worse than any other peircing I had done, but it's also my favorite peircing so it's worth it. Mind over matter. (:

4. Most peircers use a clamp and stick the needle through.

5. Hmm. I don't know.. maybe 16 and up?

6. it hurts for the first couple days... hard to bend in your midsection for a while, but it fades. and you have to worry about getting it snagged in your shirt or something.

7. First couple of times. But it gets better.

8. I'm sure, but there's no fun in that.

9. Not for me.

PS go for belly ring. My nose ring is taking forever to heal.
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Well I just got my belly pierced two days ago, so here is the best answers I can give you.

1. Is it worth getting one? Yes, I loooooove mine.  It's just so cute.

2. Is it true that the younger you are the less painful it would be? Well, i'm 23. It hurt, but it wasn't unbearable.

3. Does it hurt really badly? From a scale to 1 - 10. My second earlobe didn't hurt at all when I got it done either (like a 2, if that).  The belly piercing hurt about a 6. I mean, it did hurt but it was only for a few seconds and literrally couldn't feel a thing when she was done.

4. How exactly do they pierce it? Do they use a gun? Like they do with earlobes?  She used a toothpick and some ink to mark the spot.  Laid me on the chair thing, and used a tong to pick up the skin that would be getting pierced.  Told me to take a deep breath and then she put it in.  I couldn't see what she used, but I'm very sure it wasn't a gun but don't quote me on that.  

Heres a video to show you basically the process: (not me though lol)

5. How old do you think it is appropriate for someone to get a belly button piercing? I would say fourteen/fifteen or older.

6. What are some negatives about it? I have to clean it 3x a day, which can be a lot.  And I'm very conscious of it, but have accidently run my hand across it a few times and its a little uncomfy (but just for that second).

7. Does it hurt when you clean it? No. But if you're not a gentle person, maybe.

8. Is it okay if you leave the piercing in there and never change it? I doubt it.  I just imagine that the metal would rust or something.  Like, maybe if you took it out and cleaned the bar it would be fine.

9. Is the piercing annoying after a while? Only had it two days, the only time it annoyed me was when I was scared to sleep cause I thought it would unscrew. But my roommate told me it wouldn't.

10. Belly button or nose piercing?  I say belly because during the healing process it is easier to hide ((for like job interviews and such), its cute in the summer with a bikini and the days you wear a shortish shirt, its cute when it becomes slightly visible lol.
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1) I think it is worth getting it done, because it looks really nice and you can get some really stunning bars to wear in it.

2) I would have thought that the pain would lessen as you get older, but I don't know.

3) For me, I'd say it was an 8/10. My lobes would have been a 2/10.

4) They mark where on your belly the hole is going to be, they then clamp your belly button in the clamps, and push a large needle through it. The needle is about 1.6mm big.

5) I'd say from 16 up is an appropriate age.

6) For me, the negatives were the pain, the fact I couldn't sit or bend without it hurting. I kept getting it caught on my clothes. When I rolled on it during the night, it was unbearable.

7) As long as you're gentle, it doesn't hurt.

8) Yes, you don't have to change the jewellery if you don't want to.

9) No, after a while you cannot feel it at all, so it doesn't really bug you.

I have both a nose and belly button piercing, and I love them both. I had my nose pierced with the gun, and honestly didn't feel anything. It only bled a little bit afterwards, same with my belly. Perhaps you could get both done?
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I have my belly button pierced and i love it! However i dont live in a very sunny place so it gets covered up in winter :( I dont think it is painful the younger you are, it just depends on the type of belly button you have. It doesnt hurt too much, i would say about a 5 or 6. What they do is, you pick out a belly bar, and so they sterilise it. You lie down and they mark it out, they might freeze it (depends where you go) and then they clamp it. They then pierce it with a needle, it hurts when it goes in but otherwise you wont really feel it. Dont ask to see the needle either! They then put the belly bar in, and clean blood off. Then thats it :) I am 15 and i have mine done, so i think thats about the right age. It can hurt when you clean it, just the first few days, and you probably will get it caught or hit it, but the pain goes away after a while. It is annoying, because ive had mine done for about 6 months and it still hasnt healed yet. and you can leave the piercing in there and never change it :) i dont find my piercing annoying at all, i love it to bits! Hope it helped :)
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1) If you like it, it is.

2) The younger you are, the less your focus is which means you can easily get distracted by something else and forget the pain. As far as the pain goes, you'll still feel pain with every piercing, regardless of age.

3) I've my navel pierced twice till I retired it cause I got bored with it. First time was about a 7 for me - lots of skin for the needle to go through and then the bar being placed was a pain. Second time was worse cause I had scar tissue formed, which was a lot thicker to go through and it killed me literally. It's nothing like your lobes by the way.

4) No, you will be pierced with a needle. The piercer may or may not use clamps as well so be prepared for them if he does.

5) I think the older the person, the more conscious he/she is about caring for it and that it's a foreign object in your body and a wound and it NEEDS care till it's healed. When you are mature enough to understand this and care for it, you are mature enough to have it.

6) Well, while it's healing, you need to keep on your salt water soaks daily, for months. You can't get bored and say I won't do it this week. Like all surface piercings, it has a high chance of rejection so care for it well and constantly for best results. Also, it will be sore/uncomfortable while sitting or being in certain positions, while healing.

7) It will feel more sore than hurting.

8) My piercer told me I had to come back when the swelling was down to change into a smaller bar. I think you will have to change it.

9) It never annoyed me after it was fully healed. I forgot it was there. Just make sure you don't catch it in zippers etc, cause apparently, if it gets ripped off it WILL hurt.

Good luck.
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Okay hun, haha well i'm 17, I have

my nose, tongue& ears pierced,& two tattoos

I have had my monroe, belly middle of lip& both sides done, so i'm

gonna be a good answer for ya;)! 1; if you think it's worth it, then do it

it's your body. 2; Usually the older you get, your pain tolerance rises, I have

a high pain tolerance& if you do, you will barely feel this piercing.

3; pain scale 2-10. They do it very fast!

4; They will use a needle.

5; I think 15-16, or whatever your parents agree to.

6; The negitives is if you get it infected, it will be very gross, you must

take care of it every day for 3 months they will show you& explain how to.

7; It will hurt to clean it just a little bit at 1st a little sting but by the 3rd day it

will just be numb - ish, but feel waay better.

8; You can do whatever you want, you don't ever have to change it! Only sometimes

when fully healed take it out to clean.

9; You wont even notice it's there.

 & I'm a fan of both but my nose was the most painful, not

bad just makes you tear up.
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I don't have one, because mum wouldn't let me have one but I got something else, anyway, this is just from my family and friends.

1. They don't regret, they actually kinda love their piercing. it depends on you really. I would say it would be worth getting one, and if you didn't like it you know you could always just take it out.

2. Thats not true. It all varies on the person and their pain tolerance.

3. Same answer to number 2 :)

4. You should get it done with a needle, I don't think you can get it done with a gun? but it would be more dangerous. Needles are faster and easier.

5. I wanna 14, but still to me it is kinda young, I would say 15 or near that at youngest. I just know people who got it when they were like 12 and it just sounds soo young.

6. You have to look after it carefully. It can hurt and get caught in things.

7. Depends on the person as well.

8. Thats fine! Just clean it :)

9. No one I know has told me that its annoying. I don't see how it could be either, unless you got it done without your parents knowing and your trying to hide it.

Belly button seems to suit a lot of people more..

where as..nose piercings, it kinda depends on your nose really? and if you want to bring more attention to your nose or not.
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i have got my belly button pierced and im 13 it didn't hurt that bad it only feels like a tiny pinch and i know people who have got it done that are older then me and they said it didn't hurt. it is so worth getting ti done i love mine!! it will hurt for maybe a day or two but you need to make sure you clean it twice a day and you should be fine!  you can leave the same piercing in there but if you do want to change it you can after about a month and also you can't go swimming in pools for a month as well.
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they use the same instrument for all the piercings... nose and belly. it's a small gauge needle (big needle) and a hollow metal cylinder.. they line it up and poke it through. belly button hurts worse that ears and gives you a nauseated feeling. you are supposed to leave it in until it heals. the nasal septum does not hurt at all, but im not sure about the side (i think the side is ugly). 18 is a fine age to get it done... however if you ever get tired of it,,, there will be a scar from the hole.