what are the uses of crossover, straight through, rollover, and serial cable in networking?

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Straight-through cables are primarily used for connecting, unlike devices.

All wire pairs are in the same order on each end of the cable.

A straight-through cable is typically used in the following situations:

    * 1. Connecting a router to a hub

    * 2. Connecting a computer to a switch

    * 3. Connecting a LAN port to a switch, hub, or computer

Crossover cables are very similar to straight-through cables, except that they have pairs of wires that crisscross. This allows for two devices to communicate at the same time. Unlike straight-through cables, we use crossover cables to connect like devices.

#  1. Connecting a computer to a router

# 2. Connecting a computer to a computer

# 3. Connecting a router to a router

# 4. Connecting a switch to a switch

# 5. Connecting a hub to a hub

Rollover cables, like other cabling types, got their name from how they are wired. Rollover cables essentially have one end of the cable wired exactly opposite from the other. This essentially “rolls over” the wires- but why would we need to do such a thing? Rollover cables, also called Yost cables, usually connect a device to a router or switch’s console port. This allows a programmer to make a connection to the router or switch, and program it as needed.

These types of cables are generally not used very much, so are usually colored differently from other types of cables.

Serial Cables are used to connect computers to modems or other devices and can be used to access certain routers and other networking devices from a computer or to connect two networking devices.
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if u are using a new network card, then u can use any cable it could be straight or cross cable. it doesn't matter because it detects what kind of a cable is that has been plugged in and transfers the data. if it is not a new network card I mean older than 4 or 5 years u have to use a straight-through cable. good luck with ur work.
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A crossover cable directly connects two network devices of the same type to each other over Ethernet

A straight cable directly connects two network devices of a different type to each other over Ethernet

A straight-through cable is often referred to as a rollover cable
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The easy rule to use is: Same to Same = Crossover Same to different = Straight-through. IE: Router to router - Crossover Switch to Switch - Crossover PC to PC - Crossover PC to Switch - straight PC to the router - straight router to switch - straight