What is the meaning of xoxo?

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which people write in letters and messages etc.?

I have seen this in many messages on the internet, but I do not know the meaning?!XOXO

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HUGS AND KISSES  is a term for a sequence of the letters X and O, e.g. XOXO, typically used to express affection or good friendship at the end of a written letter or email.

It is debatable which letter represents which act. The most common interpretation assumes that X represents the four lips of a kiss and O the four arms of a hug. For example, the Oxford English Dictionary states that X is "used to represent a kiss, esp. in the subscription to a letter.". A less common interpretation assumes X as the crossed arms of a hug and O as the puckered lips of a kiss. Additionally, there is a more simple interpretation, based on the pronunciation of the letters X (sounds like 'kiss') and O (sounds like 'hold', as in 'I hold you).

Some celebrities sign an autograph and add "xoxo" to their signature in order to express love to a fan.

The use of XOXO goes back to the use of an X or cross, which was considered as good as a sworn oath in times before most people could write and therefore used the X in the same way a signature is used today — a mark of one's word. An X at the end of a letter or document was often kissed as a seal of honesty, in much the same way one would kiss a Bible or kiss the fingers after making the sign of the Christian cross. Thus the X came to represent a kiss in modern times.

The "X" was also the ancient Paleo Hebrew letter Tav and was a symbol of the Seal of Hashem (God) and it represented truth, completeness, and perfection.

The origins of the O as a hug are not generally known, although it is speculated that it may represent the arms wrapped around someone being hugged.-
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well it basically means "hugs and kisses" but here are some details if you really want to know ...

The first mention in the literature of XXX for kisses at the bottom of a letter was in 1901, according to the Oxford English Dictionary. The X itself is very old.

The custom goes back to the early Christian era, when a cross mark or "X" was the same as a sworn oath. The cross-referred to the cross of Calvary and the first letter of the Greek word for Christ, Xristos.

Even as little as a hundred and fifty years ago, not many people could read or write. The "X" at the bottom of a document took the place of a signature. They would kiss the "X" as a crucifix or bible was kissed to emphasize the importance of the mark. It was this practice that lead to the "X" representing a kiss.

There isn't much known about the beginnings of the "O". It is a North American custom. The "O" represents the arms in a circle around another person. Arms crossed in front of you do not mean the "X" as a hug! The "O" is the hug.
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Kisses (X - like the shape of your mouth when you're ready to give somebody a kiss) and Hugs (O - suggests the circling of the arms around someone) - actually there is some debate out there that suggests it's the other way around but I know it this way!

There is also a theory that in medieval times, illiterate Christians used the "X" to sign their names as it most ressembled the cross, and that illiterate Jews used an "O" to distinguish themselves from the Christians...hmmm...trust me though, that's not what it's being used for today!
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But, in sign language, the crossed arms in front of the body represents love or hug.  Therefore, I thought the O represented kiss.  This is confusing.
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It means "hugs and kisses," the o's representing hugs (think of a circle made with your arms), and the x's representing kisses (SORT of like puckered lips, I guess??).
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x = hugs

o = kisses

but people don't usually write this in a meaningful way

it's more just a goodbye kinda thing
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X=Kiss and O=Hug
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Cuchara, coño, cuca, almeja, mejillón, raja, concha, pepa, cocolla… Eso es lo que significa XOXO o CHOCHO.
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