Is Intel R G33 g31 Express chipset family a good graphics card?

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I bought call of duty modern warfare 2 on PC, I installed it but couldn't play it and this pop-up said that My video card or drive couldn't give support to the game. Could it be the video card or the driver's problem? I just want to know if the Intel(R) I just mentioned in the title be enough to give support to play the game? if yes then it's the drive's problem. If the intel can't then it's the video card's problem? what video card should I get? or what do I do if my drive has a problem supporting the game please give me some tips thank you

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You will need to purchase a PCI-Express X16 Graphics card.  The onboard chipset is not strong enough to push out what the game has to offer.  Most onboard graphics cards built into the motherboard are the only 64bit.  Games such as Modern Warfare 2 uses a 128bit graphics system and need the proper card for it to do it on.

Modern Warfare 2 requires at minimum for graphics card:

1.NVidia 6600gt or higher with pixel shader 3.0

2. Ati X1800 or higher

I would suggest you shop around if you want to experience the games PC has to offer. You might get confused about seeing today's graphics cards when shopping, but tell an employee that you are looking at something that is at least a 128bit graphics card.  They should be able to help you from there out.

For your Processor, you will need at least a 3.0Ghz Single Core Pentium 4 or higher to run it and 1gb of RAM.
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GeForce 6600, quiet. The G33/G31 is likewise customary because the Intel GMA x3000 or x3100 and is DX10 in a position, in spite of the undeniable fact that it quite is the only earnings it has over the GeForce 6600. in spite of the undeniable fact that, you may stumble on a PCI-E video card on your motherboard.