what to feed your pot belly

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Guidelines for feeding a potbellied pig the proper foods in the right doses. Appropriate snacks are included

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A pig is not a pig unless it loves food.  Your potbellied pig will beg for food, root for food and eat its food with great gusto and relish.  Just because your pig seems as though it is constantly obsessed with the idea of eating food does not mean that you should constantly feed into that obsession.  There is a right way to feed your pet potbelly. And just as sure as there is a right way, there is certainly a wrong way to feed your pig.  So before you pass your little beggar that next piece of food, read up!

Potbelly feed:

A major portion of your potbelly’s diet should consist of a potbellied pig feed.  The feed should resemble small pellets.  This feed is not the same thing as hog feed.  Never under any circumstances feed your potbelly food that has been formulated for hogs.  Your potbelly is not a hog, and it should not eat like a hog.  The problem with feeding your mini pig hog’s food is that hogs are raised to be eaten. 

This means they are fed to grow very large in a very small amount of time.  Food that is formulated just for potbellies should have less protein and fewer calories than hog’s feed.   Not all pet stores will carry potbellied pig food.  If the first store you try doesn’t carry it and can’t order it for you, ask the manager to suggest a place in town that might.  Dog food is not a good replacement for pig food either, so don’t allow an employee to suggest otherwise.   

Now that you have selected the right type of food, the next step in weight management is to feed the potbelly the correct amount.  Any full grown adult pig should be able to sustain a healthy weight on approximately 2 cups of potbellied pig pellets per day.  This doesn’t seem like very much, but it truly is sufficient.  

If you give a pig all two cups at once, the pig will not ration its own food.  It will eat all two cups at once.  A better way to feed it is to ration the food yourself.  Give the pig ½ of a cup of feed four times a day.  If you are not home enough to feed it so often you may cut back to two or three time per day given in an amount that will total 2 cups.  


When in the wild, a pig’s diet consists mainly of vegetation and maybe the odd insect.  Therefore, you do not want to feed your pig cuts of meat, especially not pork items, including but not limited to ham, bacon, sausage or pepperoni.  If your pig is hungry in between feeding time, and it likely will be, feed it lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.  Most pigs love apples, berries, raisins, carrots, celery and many other items that most people already have in their refrigerator. 

If you must give your pig sweet treats, never feed it chocolate.  Instead, find something low calorie and/or low fat.  Animal crackers are an example good sweet treat, as is a lightly sweetened cereal.  Your pig does not need to eat too much of this type of treat.  Feeding it ¼ of a cup once a day is more than enough.

Follow these guidelines carefully and your pig should maintain a healthy weight for life.