What are some good dirty questions to ask a guy?

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I`m 13 and so is my crush :) He doesnt know i like him.

We always play this game where we ask each other questions!

Personally i think its a `` Friends with benifits`` kinda thing.

Ya so i`ve run out of questions to ask him!! pls help!

(oh ya everyone thinks he likes me, but i don`t see it!

He always says ``heyy baby`` but then puts ``lol jokes`` after it!

Does he actually like me)

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Friends with benefits start younger and younger, eh?

Well anyway, I've come her to answer your question, not tell you what to do with your life.

- What do you think is the sexiest part of my (or a woman's) body?

- Where do you think the sexiest place is for a girl to kiss you? (or the sexiest place to kiss a girl)

- If i was with you right now, what would have have me do with my hands? (or what would you do to me with your hands)

- What's your favorite place to hook up?

- Would you ever have sex in public?

- What's your favorite thing you like done to your body?

- How big are you?

- What's what favorite position?

- Ask him to describe in detail what he would do to you if you where naked in his bed.

PS: Hope you don't fall for this guy. It's human nature to put emotion into sex for most people. I've seen it happen to women a lot. If he only wants your tail, then I promise he'll break your heart. I also hope you know the risks of sexual activity with a partner whom you are not dedicated to. He could  give you an STD if he's sleeping around with other women or even get you pregnant if you two have sex. Use protection. I would be careful, but I'm not going to tell you what you can or can not do with your body.
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You're a bit young, so I'm guessing that your 'friends with benefits' situation doesn't involve THAT kind of benefits.  I'm not here to judge so I don't care, but at least be careful with it if you're getting serious.  Life is just as real at 13 as it is at any other age, and so are the risks if you know what I mean.

Anyway, here's the deal.  You don't need 'good' dirty questions to turn a guy on, you just need dirty questions.  They don't even have to be really dirty in fact, just suggestive.  Guys all have completely dirty minds (you don't ever wanna know what goes on in there), so all it takes is the slightest suggestion and we're primed and ready.  Seriously, you shouldn't have to work to get a guy's motor running for you.  All you really need to do is show up, and if that doesn't work just undo one button.  If that doesn't work, he's either dead or gay.

When I say be careful, I also mean don't give him the idea that you're willing to do something that you're not 100% willing to do.  A lot of possible things can happen if you do that (it's called teasing), and none of them are good.  You don't want that kind of hassle, especially not when all you wanted to do was have a little harmless fun.

But as long as you keep it reasonable and don't lead him too far, you'll have a good time.  For the final question, ask him exactly what he would do if he could have half an hour with your body and you would let him do anything.  Prepare for a really graphic answer if you ask that, but it's a good one.
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At 13 you shouldn't ask a guy dirty questions.  You shouldn't have a crush on him either.  You should be asking decent questions to a young boy your age.  If you want to make an impression on a guy then act your age and not seducing.  You have the rest of your life to learn by mistakes.  Be patient and have good relationship with friends and your boyfriends.  If you want respect and to be appreciated you will have to set an example.  Jo Ann
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first of all ur only 13 and this whole friends with benefits game isnt going to work the way you want it to work out, a dirty question isnt going to work try asking more about him instead and be his friend not a benefit friend cause alot of other girls be that to him and you wont have a special place if it gets serious later on plus take into consideration that your young and it say alot about a person talking dirty.
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Good dirty questions?  How about NONE!  Doing this only makes you look classless and slutty.  Respect yourself more, and at 13 you don't need this sort of trash in your life.