who is kalia in chota bheem

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Kalia is a 12 year old boy with some biceps and triceps in his body, he is a very greedy boy who wants to defeat everyone in some work especially Bheem in front of everyone.

Kalia is known in his village as Kalia Wrestler because of his physical type. Kali also dreams that she is just a strong and brave man in her village Dholakpur, Kali has two crazy followers named Dholo and Bholo, who sometimes help Kalia in their plans to defeat Bhim.

And at other times leave it altogether, as always shown. Kalia is a boy who always runs away when there is a big problem, but the fact is that he sometimes helps Bheem to save Dholakpur from danger.

Kalia has won some prizes and medals in the village cycle race in which she gets the result of her hard work and truthfulness. She also won the high jump competition and won the trophy. He also has an uncle in Mumbai who gives dirty advice to defeat Bheem.