Who wins in record of ragnarok?

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Who wins in record of ragnarok?

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The Scandinavians have very interesting mythology. Its key point is such a concept as Ragnarok - the death of the gods.

This is an epic battle between the giants and the inhabitants of Asgard, in which all the main characters and antiheroes of Scandinavian legends and legends will be defeated.

The Father of the Gods, Odin the one-eyed, will be gone. The mighty giant-smasher Thor will fall breathless. The cunning Loki and the bright ace Heimdall, whose horn will sound the beginning of the great battle, will mutually fight each other. Terrible Chthonic monsters will also die - the World Serpent Midgard and the giant wolf Fenrir.

In general, almost complete self-destruction will occur, in addition to which the World Ash Yggdrasil will also be burned, which means that our entire world plus eight other neighboring worlds will also burn.

So, it turns out that everyone died and the story ends there?

No, not really.

First, not the whole world will die. By some miracle, the sacred grove of Hoddmimir will survive. And Idavell, the field where the city of the gods of Asgard used to stand, will not go anywhere.

And secondly, some will manage to survive even Ragnarok. Vidar and Vali, Odin's sons, will come to the empty field where the first grasses of the reborn earth are already beginning to turn green. There they will be met by Modi and Magni, Thor's sons. They will look around, take out golden tawleys from the grass, arrange the figures and start playing.

Soon they will be joined by two other former inhabitants of Asgard-the resurrected gods Baldur and Hed. They will return from the dark underworld of Hel, where the souls of the dead life.

And out of the grove of Hoddmimir will come a man and a woman who has taken refuge there - Liv and Livtrasir. They will mark the beginning of a new human race.

So the death of the gods does not mean the death of all the gods. And the end of the world is also not the end of the whole world. It turns out. that the end of Norse myths is not gloomy, but on the contrary - optimistic!

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