What is shounen?

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What is shounen?

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Shonen (Japanese: мальчик "boy", "young man";) is a meta—the genre of anime and manga, the main target audience of which is boys and boys aged 12 to 18 years. The main features of the genre are the male protagonist, rapid development, and dynamism of the plot (this is especially noticeable in comparison with shoujo manga). . Works in the seinen genre tend to contain more humorous scenes, focusing on themes of male friendship, camaraderie, rivalry in life, sports, or combat. Female characters, often depicted as exaggeratedly beautiful and sexy, serve as an incentive to show the masculinity of the main characters, often using elements of etty and fanservice. Despite the fact that there is a separate seinen meta-genre for older boys and men (students, junior employees), anime and manga in the senen genre remain attractive to them. And, since they have both the financial means and the time to buy and read manga magazines, the magazines that print shonen manga are rightfully considered the most popular in Japan.

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