What anime characters are infp?

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What anime characters are infp?

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INFP, also known as an intermediary, is an MBTI personality type that belongs to diplomats, and its main difference is that it always looks for kindness even from the worst people while being reserved and even shy, besides, there are very, very few people with this type of personality (only 4%, and this is just the beginning). from those people who have access to the Internet and knowing that they are really an intermediary, there may well be more of them).

Asahi Azumane

He was tall and muscular, and just looking at him was enough to inspire fear. Is he really harsh? Not for a second. He is without exaggeration one of the kindest (if not the kindest ) characters in this anime.

Tamaki Amajiki

And although his quirk is strong, and not nearly inferior in strength to professional heroes, he is not used to bragging about it. Why? He is quite reserved and even shy. Yes, even with his incredible strength, he still remains insecure and withdrawn in himself.

Nakajima Atsushi

He (as well as many other people ) was afraid of the big and white tiger, as long as he was shy and shy Nakajima Atsushi didn't recognize that he was the tiger. What I really like is his development as a person: from a self-pitying whiner to a strong personality who is distinguished by his strength and kindness, and this is very cool.

Muichiro Tokito

He is terribly unemotional and even detached from all business, and with all this, he is one of the demon slayers (and even at such a young age-14 year), and as always there is one thing: when necessary, he becomes incredibly serious and completely immersed in his work, and therefore it becomes not surprising at all how much he's accomplished.

Noah the Archivist

Honestly, when I first started watching "Memoirs of Vanitas", I was very surprised that Noah is quite dark, which is very unusual for a vampire (and then it turns out that this is a common situation for vampire archivists, which is Noah). And although he looks quite reserved and cold, in fact, he is even a little silly and admires any new trends like a child (so it is not surprising that his partner Vanitas, is distinguished by his intelligence and ingenuity).

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